Design + Story

Collaboration with Dave Chen


Office worker (Johnny) is bored at work and boss gives him a stack of papers. Instead of killing time playing internet games, Johnny uses his new office gadgets from Staples to help get him through the day and get the job done more efficiently in the form of a video game. Magnets and a sharpie form an arcade on his desk as his Avatar is created from office gadgets around him. The Avatar jumps into the computer monitor and begins a Street Fighting style tournament against tasks that his boss attacks him with. The Avatar uses his digital powers to counter everything the opponent throws at him and uses his super Bluetooth/Wireless move to win the battle. Johnny awakens to an intercom seeing Sharpie scribbles over his paperwork from his Sharpie joystick. The Avatar suddenly swings by with white out zapping the Sharpie scribbles off his paper and Johnny has once again survived another day of work.

Special Thanks to Paul B Kim