Director, Producer, Designer, Animator, Editor


Plastic − Petroleum = Edible Plastic

Everyday plastics leach toxins. My goal Is not to change people's behaviors towards plastics, but to develop an attitude towards the need for a safer plastic, one that is safe enough to eat and not what we are already unknowingly eating.

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Instead of trying to scare people into abandoning their relationship with plastics, i chose to embrace our relationship with plastics through health foods juxtaposed with the irony that our health is actually threatened by the plastics they are packaged in. Color and typography helped me communicate the subtle undertones of my message. Using a colorless, white plastic sky helped to illustrate the white lies of a manufactured, fake plastic world, while using clinical typography disguised as warning and nutrition packaging labels allowed me to reveal the invisible dangers hidden within the fine print. Desaturation helped uncover the effects and reality leading to the truth. Shifting into bold colors and elegant typography with a humanistic personality awakens the hope for a perfect solution.


Doug Chang : : Director, Producer, Author, Designer, Animator
Clair Chang : : Cinematographer
Johan Khalilian : : Actor
Roya Backlund : : Actress
Nicolette Wood : : Actress, Voice Actress, 1st Assistant Director
Music : : Goodnight Freddy by The Sounds

Special Thanks to Jason Cook, Nicolette Wood